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Gap Year Career Development Career Breaks + Holiday Groups

  • What to Do
    Programmes from 1 week to 30 weeks covering all manner of adventure diving and professional diver training with internships, hands on work experience and opportunities to work around the world in a plethora of different field. Learn More »
  • Benefits of Gap Year Scuba Diving
    Professional qualifications, CV credentials, leadership communication and managerial skills coupled with the experience of a lifetime. Learn More »
  • Design
    A close look at the design of our programmes, options, extras and our affiliate ideas along with safety and security. Learn More »
Learn to Dive
Learning to dive opens up 70% of the world. It is your passport to underwater discovery and adventure. The qualification earned last a lifetime and are recognised all over the world . PADI are the industry leading diver training agency with 70% of divers trained with PADI.

PADI qualifications are the most recognised in the world with 70% of divers worldwide trained by PADI and more than 5000 PADI Dive centres.

Many of a programmes take you from beginner levels as far as you want to go with training all the way up to becoming a professional diver.

Recreational Diving
The Red Sea is one of the finest diving locations in the world. The sheer concentration of marine life and complex underwater ecosystems, combined with shipwrecks and spectacular underwater geography ensure an underwater experience of a lifetime.

We also have courses and training to any level in the PADI system along with 8 different speciality areas, underwater photography and marine biology.

Dive operations are going on every day all year round with trips and safaris to shipwrecks, dive safaris by camel to unique diving areas and courses and training second to none.

Professional Diver Training
Train to become a PADI Divemaster and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and you can work in the dive industry. Training is based around internships and hands on work experience where you operate dive operations in tandem with one of our instructors.

The entire courses are enormous work experience modules where you conduct everything from working with individual divers to managing dive operations.

PADI Professional credentials are Level 3 Vocational qualifications and can be used to work anywhere in the world or as a gateway to travelling around the world and earning a living at the same time (something we can help you get started with).

Diving Throughout the World
Diving Safaris
Diving Throughout the World
Local Safaris
Diving Throughout the World
Other Activities

As a Scuba Diver
Diving Throughout the World
Dive Anywhere in the world
Tropical seas, shipwrecks, national parks .etc...
Continuing Diver Education
Join courses to develop further skills
Photography , Deep Diving, Rescue Diver .etc..
Become a PADI Professional
Become a Scuba Diving Professional

As a Scuba Diving Professional
Professional Training Professional Diving
Working in the industry
Marine Biology Marine Biology
Projects throughout the world
Red Sea Research Research Diving
Surveys and Conservation
National Geographics National Geographics
Underwater Study
Oceanography Oceanography
Underwater Science
Underwater Photography Underwater Photography
Professional photo development
Underwater Filmography Underwater Videography
Professional video development
Investigations and Forensic Diving Investigation / Forensics
Search and Recovery
Diving Archeology Underwater Archeology
Ancient history below sea level
Broad Range of Experiences
A structured break from formal education has proven to be of huge benefit to individuals with Universities preferring candidates with broad range of experience. Popular with students, parents and teachers alike a means to improve your CV and personal statements with extensive experience overseas. Most see such a year out as essential for personal, professional and educational development.
World Recognised Lifetime Qualifications
PADI Qualifications are the most recognised scuba diving qualifications in the world with more than 70% of the world divers having been trained by PADI. Qualifications are with you forever and allow you to dive anywhere in the world.
Working in the Dive Industry
As a professional trained by Dive The Gap you have all the qualifications and experience to work in the industry. We focus on providing you with everything you need to do this which is why are internships are so heavily focused on work experience. Every single professional who we have trained who wanted to work in the industry is.
Earn a Living whilst Travelling around the world.
With the qualifications and experience that you have at the end of your professional training programmes with us, you can work in any dive operation around the world. We have contacts in popular diving areas, particularly in Asia, and can set you up with the right people so that you can earn a living as you travel around the world.
CV Credentials
At the end of our professional programmes you have skills and experiences that will add considerable weight to your CV.
  • Leadership
  • On Site Management and Dive Management
  • Organisation of Operations
  • Teaching Lessons and Effective Demonstrations
  • Outstanding Communication Abilities
  • First Aid and First Aid Instructing
  • Problem Solving
  • Responding effectively in any situation
  • Public Speaking and Preparation
  • Role Model Persona
  • Customer Relations
  • Equipment Maintenance and Servicing
Encouraged by Universities
There was a time when a Gap Year was considered detrimental to University entrance places, however it is now actively encouraged with UCAS also being in favour when it is properly planned and conducted. A famous quote from the admission tutors at Harvard University in America was 'time out or burn out', taking the official stance of encouraging a gap year.
Personal Development
Our professional diving programmes are a fantastic example of what can be achieved personally, professionally and educationally. Develop the transferable teaching skills to lead, inspire and motivate with a highly respectable qualification looked up to by others throughout the world. Develop the communication skills to conquer any situation and the self confidence to face whatever the world may bring.
Challenge and Adventure
In our experience people want a totally unique experience in their gap year. Living in a different culture, experiencing a different walk of life and undertaking a satisfying challenge whilst earning a new and entirely different skill. An adventure that they can take home and share with others. If this is what you want then we certainly tick all the boxes.
Dive The Gap
Our Experience
At the moment we have 11 PADI scuba diving professional. We have a combined diving experience of more than 50 years and most of us have awards from PADI for 'recognition of excellence' and certifying students. Our Instructors also have the most experience of Gap Year Scuba Diving in this field teaching Gap Year Divers since 2006.
More About Us »
Programme Design and Structure
Dive The Gap programmes combine the educational strengths of the PADI system of diver training and the experience of our professional. Using the cutting edge training methods we put together programme packages that mix PADI diver training with recreational diving whilst providing an experience that builds up characters and develops peoples strengths.
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Customisations and Preferences
Every single Dive The Gap programme can be fully customised to meet individual preferences and needs. The online programmes take advantage of our booking system that allows you to edit every aspect of your programme from accommodation to specialities. This allows you to build a more conservation focused programme, a more diver training focused programme and everything in between. Whilst building your programme you can speak to our instructors in Egypt via the online chat room.
About the Dive Team »
Dive The Gap
24 Hour Reception, Security and UK Out of Hours Numbers
Hotel Reception and security operate 24 hours a day. We also provide you with 2 emergency 24 hour contact numbers, one for the onsite director director and one for the UK director.
More about Safety and Security »
Diving Safety
Dive The Gap enforce a strict safety policy. All staff are trained first aid instructors and all dives take all equipment that would be needed in an emergency regardless of where they are going. We train students in safety from day 1 and do not progress in their training until this is mastered. Dive The Gap has a 100% safety record.
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Personal Safety and Security
Dahab is a very safe environment for anyone. With the primary industry in Egypt being tourism any and all things that might threaten its reputation are not tolerated. In Dahab we have tourist police as well as the main police force. The resort also has 24 hour security.
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Diving and Travel Insurance
Diving insurance covers you for all form of diving and travel related accidents. You will find that most travel insurance policies include diving but please contact us to find out appropriate insurance for you.
More about Insurance »
Gap Track
Hotel Reception and security operate 24 hours a day. We also provide you with 2 emergency 24 hour contact numbers, one for the onsite director director and one for the UK director.
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Mind The Gap Year

A travel insurance company for all you Gap Year and Backpacking needs. They also deal with advice, exchanging money, interpretation into 170 languages
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Scuba Stocks
Our online dive equipment shop
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